Agent of Happiness

Dirs. Arun Bhattarai & Dorottya Zurbó; 2024


Missouri Theatre Thu, Feb 29 7:00 PM
Q&A with directors Arun Bhattarai & Dorottya Zurbó
The Blue Note Sat, Mar 2 9:45 AM
Q&A with directors Arun Bhattarai & Dorottya Zurbó
The Blue Note Sun, Mar 3 12:30 PM
Q&A with directors Arun Bhattarai & Dorottya Zurbó
Film Info
Original Language:Nepali, Dzongkha, English


Amber and Gunaraj, Happiness Agents for Bhutan’s Ministry of Gross National Happiness, journey through the country conducting surveys to measure people’s happiness levels. Using a series of over 100 questions, the agents attempt to mathematically calculate the contentment of the nation. Amber, a hopeless romantic yearning for both love and citizenship, documents the satisfaction of others while grappling with his own personal struggles. Through encounters with everyday people, from rural farmers to urban dwellers, the film questions how we quantify happiness and challenges the social constructs surrounding it. With a deeply empathetic lens and an eye for humor, co-directors Arun Bhattarai and Dorottya Zurbó (The Next Guardian, T/F 2018) offer an insightful exploration of human aspirations, societal norms, and the pursuit of fulfillment amidst personal and national challenges. (EP)