Alien Island

Dir. Cristobal Valenzuela Berrios; 2023


The Globe Fri, Mar 1 10:15 PM
Q&A with director Cristóbal Valenzuela Berrios
The Globe Sat, Mar 2 12:45 PM
Q&A with director Cristóbal Valenzuela Berrios
Film Info
Original Language:Spanish


Chile, 1984: A military dictatorship is in full power after the traumatic instability of the 1970s, and UFO sightings over Santiago both disturb and excite the populace. Against this backdrop, a group of radio enthusiasts receive a message from a sailor stationed at a lighthouse. His account of a fireball plunging into the ocean and other odd sightings become the linchpin of a narrative that transports us to an enigmatic island off the coast of Chile, rumored to be inhabited by human-like aliens. Through the interplay of black-and-white dramatizations and archival footage, Cristobal Valenzuela’s arresting feature animates and then peels back the layers of a complex conspiracy. With shades of Lynch and The Twilight Zone, this equally sinister and playful cinematic plunge into the unknown invites viewers to navigate through a labyrinth of secrets and revelations. (LA)