Behind Closed Doors

Dir. João Pedro Bim; 2023


Willy Wilson @ Ragtag Fri, Mar 1 10:00 PM
Q&A with director João Pedro Bim
Big Ragtag Sat, Mar 2 5:45 PM
Q&A with director João Pedro Bim
Film Info
Original Language:Portugese


A chilling glimpse into the fragility of democracy, this archival documentary presents a recording of the Presidential cabinet of Brazil deliberating over the suspension of the country’s new constitution, a document they themselves enacted in the early 1960s, in response to criticism of the regime. Though their discussions were recorded, they remained concealed for decades, a testament to the regime’s grip on power. The words of the ministers are contrasted with government propaganda touting “Order and Progress” in support of nationalism and obedience, reminiscent of American TV ads from the same era. The banality of evil is on full display as the film remixes history, dissecting propaganda in order to indict a criminal dictatorship with its own rhetoric. In an era witnessing the resurgence of authoritarianism, it offers a cautionary tale beyond Brazil’s local politics in 1968. (CB) Preceded by short “On the Battlefield”