Dirs. Angela Patton & Natalie Rae; 2023


Jesse Auditorium Fri, Mar 1 3:45 PM
Q&A with directors Angela Patton & Natalie Rae
Missouri Theatre Sat, Mar 2 10:00 PM
Q&A with directors Angela Patton & Natalie Rae
Missouri Theatre Sun, Mar 3 3:20 PM
Q&A with directors Angela Patton & Natalie Rae
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Original Language:English


In the last decade, hundreds of US prisons have stopped allowing in-person visits, which has further eroded the familial bonds that the system already impacts. Children may go years without hugging an incarcerated parent. Daughters chronicles an eight-year journey of four young girls, intimately showcasing the impact of mass incarceration on father-daughter relationships through the lens of the 12-week Date with Dad program. Reuniting fathers and daughters for a single afternoon at a dance inside prison walls, the program aims to strengthen family ties and promote life skills for potential reintegration. While their fathers participate in a vulnerable therapy group to prepare, Aubrey, Ja’Ana, Raziah, and Santana candidly share their hopes and disappointments in poignant vignettes. In this deeply affecting reflection on the dehumanization of mass incarceration, Daughters reveals the emotional cost of separation from a loved one and the increasingly urgent need for criminal justice reform. (LK)