Dir. Michaël Andrianaly; 2023


Big Ragtag Fri, Mar 1 9:30 PM
Q&A with director Michaël Andrianaly
The Blue Note Sat, Mar 2 3:15 PM
Q&A with director Michaël Andrianaly
Film Info
Original Language:Malagasy


In Tamatave, Madagascar, a group of young undocumented men work at a car wash. Jelco, Justin, Rabetsy and Mamy have come from across the country seeking employment in the city, hoping for a brighter future. Instead, they are faced with discrimination and a boss who exploits them with low wages and long hours. While waiting for their ID cards, they pass the time by playfully teasing each other, sharing meals, and reflecting on the violence that is never far from their neighborhood. Michael Andrianaly (Nofinofy, T/F 2020) observes the rhythms of their daily lives with an intimate and lingering lens. Circumventing traditional narrative, Andrianaly immerses us in the world of these men, painting a cinematically rich portrait. A beautifully rendered hangout doc, Gwetto gives voice to the often ignored “economically displaced” population of Madagascar. (CT) Preceded by short “Todisoa and the Black Stones”