K-family affairs

Dir. Arum Nam; 2023


The Globe Sat, Mar 2 6:00 PM
Q&A with director Arum Nam
Big Ragtag Sun, Mar 3 1:00 PM
Q&A with director Arum Nam
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Original Language:Korean


K-Family Affairs is a heartfelt exploration of South Korea’s rich political history and the intricate dynamics of family life. Debut filmmaker Arum Nam, sheds light on her parents’ journey as part of the esteemed 386 Generation, celebrated for their contributions to South Korea’s democratization movement. However, Arum’s unwavering faith in her parents and the democracy they championed is shaken after the traumatic Sewol Ferry disaster in 2014 implicates her father, a prominent government official. As Arum focuses the camera on her parents and navigates through the aftermath of this tragedy and subsequent political turmoil, she embarks on a soul-searching journey to understand her generation’s role in shaping justice and democracy. Through an intimate and affectionate lens, Arum captures the essence of her parents’ lives and her own reflections, painting a complex picture of familial bonds and societal responsibilities. (EP)