Look Into My Eyes

Dir. Lana Wilson; 2023


Jesse Auditorium Fri, Mar 1 10:00 PM
Q&A with director Lana Wilson
Missouri Theatre Sat, Mar 2 7:00 PM
Q&A with director Lana Wilson
The Globe Sun, Mar 3 7:15 PM
Q&A with director Lana Wilson
Film Info
Original Language:English


Against the backdrop of New York City, a group of psychics conduct readings for their clients, attempting to reach into the beyond to provide answers to their questions. Coming from different walks of life and with varying approaches to their vocation, what they all share is the gift of creating space for their clients to feel deeply, free from judgment. From the aspiring actor, attuned to departed loved ones, to the pet psychic who avidly watches Jeopardy!, we are invited into the personal lives of these mediums, revealing that isolation, dread, and personal struggles extend beyond their clientele. Lana Wilson (After Tiller, T/F 2013) navigates humor, tenderness, and turmoil with a skillful eye for human emotion. Whether you are a believer or not, Look Into My Eyes is a deeply poetic, empathic exploration of the therapeutic effect of being truly seen by another. (KM) This film contains discussions of death, suicide and miscarriage.