Dir. Michaël Andrianaly ; 2019


Big Ragtag Sat, Mar 2 10:45 PM
Q&A with director Michaël Andrianaly
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Original Language:Malagasy


Barbershops are places where care and conversation are exchanged. At Romeo’s barbershop in Toamasina, Madagascar, men and women alike congregate to discuss what’s happening in their lives and in the life of the country. “My hair is removed and I become handsome,” one customer proclaims, while another cries, asking his mother when it’ll be over. After Romeo’s barbershop is torn down due to bureaucratic meddling, he’s forced to set up shop in different and obscure parts of the city. Thankfully, his clients and community always know where to find him. Director Michaël Andrianaly thoughtfully captures the peaks and valleys of Romeo’s quest to find a permanent set-up in turbulent times. Nofinofy is a documentary about the intimacy of touch and the dignity and honor in working with one’s hands. (KM)