Chicago Palestine Film Festival - Closing Night: LYD


THEATER 1 Sat, May 4 7:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2023
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sarah Ema Friedland
Rami Youniss
Cast:Maisa Abd Elhadi
Screenwriter:Sarah Ema Friedland
Rami Youniss


LYD follows the rise and fall of Lyd—a 5,000-year-old metropolis that was once a bustling Palestinian town until it was conquered when the State of Israel was established in 1948. As the film unfolds, a chorus of characters creates a tapestry of the Palestinian experience of this city and the trauma left by the massacre and expulsion. LYD is the story of a city that once connected Palestine to the world—what it once was, what it is now, and what it could have become. Preceded by RESISTANCE CLIMBING (2023, dirs. Nick Rosen & Zachary Barr, 37 min.). In the strife-torn hills of Palestine, a diverse crew of Bedouins and urban professionals embrace climbing as a much-needed respite from the burdens of the Israeli occupation. American writer and climber Andrew Bisharat visits the West Bank to explore his own roots and the transformational power of climbing as resistance.