Breaking the Stigma of Aging


City Opera House Thu, Apr 4 5:30 PM


Join us for an enlightening evening dedicated to "Breaking the Stigma of Aging," presented by The Leelanau Wellness Collective in partnership with Dr. Tina Metropoulos, DO. Sponsored by Table Health TC, The Groundwork Center, Hendryx House, and Jody Trietch, this event promises to challenge perceptions and inspire positive change.

Date: Thursday, April 4
Time: 5:30 - 8 PM
Location: City Opera House

In a society too often defined by ageist stereotypes, it's time to shift the narrative. Our distinguished panel of experts, including Dr. Jill Balla, D.C., Ken Scott, Transformational Coach, and Dr. Tina Metropoulos, DO, will lead insightful discussions to empower attendees to embrace aging with vitality and purpose.

The evening will commence with light bites donated by French Valley Vineyard and N/A Beverages available for purchase from Audacia Elixirs. During this time there is also an optional HeartMath coherence experience, followed by networking opportunities and presentations from our esteemed sponsors, event partners, and Leelanau Wellness Collective members. Before and closing the event, immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of singing bowls by Naomi Cole as you connect with like-minded individuals passionate about holistic well-being.

A guest speaker, Doug VanDyke, will share his journey as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those striving to defy age-related stereotypes. Our panel will delve into nutrition, mindset, and movement, offering practical strategies to dismantle aging stigmas and foster renewed empowerment.

Conclude the evening with elixirs, networking, and further exploration of sponsor tables as we celebrate the collective effort to redefine aging.

Tickets are available now for this exclusive event. Let's unite to break barriers, challenge perceptions, and embrace the beauty of aging with grace and dignity.