Manhasset Cinemas Wed, May 8 7:00 PM

Nathan Ambrosioni | France | 2023 | Drama, Comedy | 96 Minutes | French with English subtitles

Antonia, affectionately known as Toni (Camille Cottin, Call My Agent! Golda), is a single mother who tirelessly cares for her five children while juggling a demanding full-time job. Her evenings are filled with song as she performs in local bars to support her family. Toni possesses a remarkable talent, evident from a chart-topping single she recorded two decades ago. As her two eldest children prepare for university, Toni faces a poignant question: What lies ahead when her nest is empty? At 43 years of age, can she still grasp the opportunity to regain control of her life?

Starring the luminous Camille Cottin, surrounded by wonderful teen actors, Toni is a feel-good comedy written and directed by 24-year-old first-time director Nathan Ambrosioni - an endearing and mature film that's hard to believe its directed by someone so young! Toni is a feel-good dramedy and a real treat!

"At just 24 years old, director Nathan Ambrosioni crafts both a poignant portrait of a woman and a moving family tableau, displaying remarkable accuracy and delicacy." – Franceinfo Culture by Annie Yanbekian

"A standout for this season, ‘Toni’ is a work of great maturity from such a young filmmaker with undeniable talent." – CNews by the editorial team

"A funny, touching, intelligent, and feminist family chronicle that explores many aspects of adolescent firsts, the challenges of that age, the mental burden of single mothers, sibling dynamics, and the strong yet fragile bonds between parents and adolescents." – Marie Claire by Juliette Hochberg

"The generosity of 'Toni' owes much to the radiant performance of Camille Cottin." - 20 Minutes by Caroline Vie