SNF Parkway Theatre 2 Sat, May 4 2:30 PM
Filmmaker Q&A:No
SNF Parkway Theatre 2 Sun, May 5 6:15 PM
Filmmaker Q&A:No
Film Info
Runtime:100 min
Production Country:India
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Dibakar Das Roy
Produced By:Dibakar Das Roy
Udayan Das Roy
Cast:Samuel Abiola Robinson
Geetika Vidya
Shantanu Anam
Stutee Ghosh
Cinematographer:Kartik Parmar
Editor:Manendra Lodhi
Composer:Utkarsh Umesh Dhotekar
Filmmaker Q&A:No


As a Nigerian earning his MBA in Marketing in New Delhi, Michael Okeke is in the extreme minority. And his teachers, classmates, and neighbors are quick to remind him of that at every turn. In an attempt to cheer him up, one of Michael’s friends tells him the story of the 13th century queen of Delhi, Razia Sultan, who fell in love with a dark-skinned African slave-turned-nobleman named Jamal-ud-Din Yaqut. Soon after, Michael develops a crush on an Indian woman and imagines the two of them living out a melodramatic Bollywood romance with a happy ending. But in reality, their interracial romance is extremely frowned upon, and the only hands-on Marketing experience Michael has attained—selling cocaine on the streets of New Delhi—cannot be listed on any job application.