SNF Parkway Theatre 3 Fri, May 3 10:00 PM
Filmmaker Q&A:Yes
SNF Parkway Theatre 1 Sat, May 4 6:00 PM
Film Info
Runtime:105 min
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Zoë Eisenberg
Produced By:Devin Murphy
Alison Week
Cast:Mitzi Akaha
Laird Akeo
Kanoa Goo
Jessica Jade Andres
Krista Kahea Alvarez
Ioane Goodhue
Cinematographer:Victoria Chen
Camron Verbarg
Jonah Nitura
Editor:Kali Kasashima
Filmmaker Q&A:Yes


Twenty-nine year old Misha (perfectly portrayed by up and coming actress Mitzi Akaha) doesn’t want a promotion. In fact, she’d like nothing more than to continue the carefree life she’s cultivated for herself living in her Hawaiian hometown, and she doesn’t understand why this bothers her family and friends so much. The only person who doesn’t seem bothered by her lack of ambition is 19-year-old Jake (Laird Akeo) – but this may be because he mistakes her for a fellow high school senior. As their relationship develops, Misha comes face to face with the reality she has long been running from.