Remaking a Mansion: Preservation and Parallels | Hybrid


The Filson Historical Society Tue, May 21 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


In 1888, the widow Mary Wedekind built a home for herself and her children at what was then 2517 W. Walnut St. In the decades since, the home, its families, and the surrounding neighborhood have undergone numerous changes which both reflect and parallel shifts designed and experienced by the wider Louisville community. In celebration of Historical Preservation Month, Dr. Gabe Jones, Jr. and Kaila Washington explore these shifts through the lens of the aforementioned home they are renovating to become their home in the Russell neighborhood.  The home is a brick Victorian gem with a unique architectural combination of high Victorian Eastlake and Gothic influences. Through the process of returning the home to its former glory, Gabe and Kaila have become enamored with the history of the home, its caretakers, and the Russell neighborhood.  They will be discussing this history, as well as the victories and challenges they have encountered on their journey to preserving and restoring the structure and its stories.

Dr. Gabe Jones and Kaila Washington are proud residents of the Russell neighborhood.  Dr. Jones is an assistant professor and researcher at the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences.  Kaila is PhD Student at the University of Louisville and a flute player in the 100th Army Band.