UNSINKABLE: Titanic Untold


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Fri, Apr 26 4:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sat, Apr 27 1:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sun, Apr 28 4:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Tue, Apr 30 7:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Narrative Feature
Release Year:2024
Run Time:100 minutes
Production Country:United States
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Cody Hartman
Cast:Karen Allen
Cotter Smith
Fiona Dourif
Jayne Wisener


Embark on a journey through a story never told in “UNSINKABLE: Titanic Untold”, starring Karen Allen, Cotter Smith, Fiona Dourif and Jayne Wisener.

You may think you know the story of Titanic; but think again. “UNSINKABLE: Titanic Untold” is the never-before-told story of the Titanic investigation.

When the RMS Carpathia arrives in New York carrying survivors of the Titanic — passengers and crew alike — they find Senator William Alden Smith (Cotter Smith), has hastily convened in New York to ensure the testimony of all key witnesses. What ensues over days and weeks in New York and later Washington, DC, is a period drama not to be missed.

“UNSINKABLE: Titanic Untold” is an exhilarating true-life account of political interference, greed, conspiracy, and a desperate grasp for the truth and accountability, interwoven with flashbacks to the heroism and sacrifice on Titanic’s deck during that fateful night in April 1912.