Forever Is Now


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sat, May 18 7:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Documentary Feature Premiere
with Filmmaker Q&A
Run Time:50 minutes (plus Q&A discussion)
Production Country:United States
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sean Slobodan
Producer(s):Shandi Kano


Grab your favorite adventure buddies and join us at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre in West Sedona for a screening of “Forever Is Now” on Saturday, May 18 at 7:00 p.m., presented by the Sedona International Film Festival.

Filmmakers Shandi Kano and Sean Slobodan will be here in Sedona to host the film premiere and Q&A discussion following the screening.

“Forever is Now” follows ten people who are Zion National Park’s keepers and caretakers. At a time of increasing tension between recreation and environmental impact, the film follows a path to the future through character stories that are personal, complex, and compelling.

Shot in all four seasons across fourteen successive months, the film captures Zion like it’s never been seen before — instilling a sense of awe and ownership for public lands today, tomorrow, and forever.

The name "Forever Is Now" comes from the writings of poet Lyman Hafen. If the history of the earth were to be written into a 1000-page book, our time here would barely take up a single letter. And yet, the significance of what we do now will be felt long into forever.

The screening of “Forever is Now” will be preceded by the award-winning short film “Tad’s Emerging World – Glen Canyon Exposed” from the recent Sedona Film Festival.

“Tad’s Emerging World – Glen Canyon Exposed”
A conservation photographer, Dawn Kish, documents the hidden treasure of the Southwest known at Glen Canyon. This epic landscape of red sandstone walls, flowing rivers and cultural sites is under a giant reservoir called Lake Powell. The lake is at its lowest water level since the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1963. Kish is going on an adventure to explore this canyon she never knew with an old Crown Graphic 4x5 camera. This camera documented Glen Canyon pre-dam from an incredible photographer, Tad Nichols, from 1950-1963. What is emerging? What will be learned? What is preserved? What will develop? Glen Canyon’s destiny is still unknown.

Meet the filmmakers in person at this special premiere:

Sean Slobodan
Director | Filmmaker

Sean Slobodan grew up making films on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Known by some as The Big Maple, the Canadian filmmaker's instinct for genuine human stories and ability to connect with both his talent and real human subjects takes him across the globe, working as both a director and cinematographer. Sean's work is emotive and his passion for people, places and environmental protection fuels his creative process. His work has garnered accolades from Emmy's to Vimeo staff picks and "Best of" laurels in film festivals worldwide.

Shandi Kano
Producer | Filmmaker

Shandi is Salt Lake City based freelance film and commercial producer, best known for her reliability, passion and positivity. A natural leader with 17 years of both in-house and freelance production experience, she brings ease, confidence and excitement to a wide range of work. She is a leader in her film community and a driving force, known for bringing people together, uplifting others and sharing her network and knowledge. As a lifelong runner and snowboarder, her love and appreciation for the natural world fuels her award-winning work; from a career start at ESPN and the XGames to work with some of the world's largest outdoor and commercial brands that rely on her to bring productions into focus.