Bonjour Switzerland


Manhasset Cinemas Wed, Jul 24 7:00 PM

Peter Luisi | Switzerland | 2023 | 88 Mins |  Swiss German, French and Italian with English subtitles

A wacky comedy that pokes fun at the multilingual Swiss.

A crazy referendum throws Switzerland into a state of emergency when the public surprisingly votes that there should, from now on, be only one national language: French, which catalyzes a crisis among the German and Italian speakers. Fifty-six-year-old Walter Egli works for the Federal Police, the organization responsible for ensuring the smooth transition to monolingualism. Despite hardly speaking French himself, he’s tasked with navigating this linguistic upheaval, the only way to save his job. He teams up with a French-speaking partner and heads to Ticino for undercover work. Their assignment: to track down a rebellious resistance group vehemently opposing the new law. A delightful comedy weaving a tale of unexpected partnerships, cultural clashes, and the absurdities of bureaucracy in the face of a national language crisis.