Out There: A National Parks Story

"Out There: A National Parks Story" Philadelphia Premiere


PFC - Mainstage Thu, Jun 6 7:00 PM


Join us for the exclusive Philadelphia premiere of Out There: A National Parks Story, a feature-length documentary following a 10,000 mile road trip through the U.S. national parks to tell the stories of the incredible people within them. This is an evening celebrating national parks, generational stewardship, and an ode to the open road. After an award-winning film festival run and private screenings at institutions including The Explorer’s Club and Pixar, filmmaker Brendan Hall and Philly native composer/songwriter Elizabeth P.W. present a special screening of the film, honoring the preservation of public lands through music and storytelling. In their post-film discussion Hall and P.W. will delve deeper into the intersection between conservation and art and how storytelling is our greatest tool in uniting our species in a common goal. Elizabeth P.W. is thrilled to bring this beautiful project to the community that raised her.

Philadelphia Film Center

1412 Chestnut Street

6:00 PM | Opening Reception

7:00 PM | Film screening, Q&A, and live musical performance!

This is a fundraising event to bring the film and music directly to the national parks, the communities they impact, students, conservation organizations and more. Follow along with our journey and learn how your tax deductible donation can help at www.outthere.film

This event is sponsored in part by Natural Lands