Thursday Film Block 2


Capitol Theater Thu, Jul 11 6:00 PM


Director: Eric Brown
Dramatic Shorts
1 min.
United States
Bruised, cut and bloody, Lizbeth must face the consequences of her actions.


Dumb in an Elevator
Director: Joe Territo
Comedy Shorts
2 min.
United States
Two strangers share an awkward moment in an elevator.


Essential Essence
Director: Patrick Boberg
Comedy Shorts
8 min.
United States
A team of salespeople experience a new, wild product that takes them on a transformative ride.


Magnificent Beings
Director: Rob Tiffin
Documentary Shorts
8 min.
United States
On an afternoon walk, Rob wanders into a secret world.


Safety State
Director: Jeanette L. Buck
Dramatic Shorts
16 min.
United States
In the dystopian near future, a gay and a lesbian couple form an unlikely friendship as they flee the midwest for safety in New England.
As rights are being rolled back and travel bans are going into effect, Shay and Quincy decide to leave their home in Ohio and travel East to a safety state where it is safe and legal to be queer. They meet up with another couple, Jacob and Michael, so together they can pose as straight married couples. Quincy takes an instant dislike to her new "husband", Jacob, as she resents depending on the men and pretending to be straight. As they face different threats on their journey, they form an unlikely friendship.


The Stone Carver
Director: Jeff Blankenship
Dramatic Shorts
17 min.
United States
The struggle of a grieving man as he tries to return to normalcy after the death of his wife.


The Thing I Have To Do In That Place
Director: Jacob Shelton
Horror Shorts
7 min.
United States
Estelle is a guarded young woman whose romantic life collides with her unsettling routine when she introduces her partner, Jonathan, to the gruesome burden that brings her deep into the woods week after week.


Threads of Fate
Directors: Benjamin Schmidt, Alannah Swenka
Horror Shorts
10 min.
United States
Threads of Fate was made for the 2023 Horror 48 Hour Competition in Des Moines.


Director: Jeffrey Blair Rodriguez
Horror Shorts
4 min.
United States
An up-and-coming fighter is thrown off guard when an unsuspecting home intruder attempts to overpower a group of friends.


What Does Watermelon Taste Like (????)
Director: Zhongzixia Yao
Sci-Fi / Fantasy Shorts
24 min.
Emigrant Jin's journey home is derailed by a cancelled flight and increasing loneliness, while an unexpected connection with a mysterious wolf-dog takes him into a surreal experience.