Thursday Film Block 3


Capitol Theater Thu, Jul 11 8:00 PM


Christmas, Every Day
Director: Faye Tsakas
Documentary Shorts
14 min.
United States
"Christmas, Every Day" gives a slice-of-life glimpse of preteen influencers Peyton and Lyla Wesson, ages 11 and 12, as they perform for their online fans under their mother’s watchful guidance. Shot in a series of highly composed, locked-off takes, the film examines everyday cultural practice under late stage capitalism, juxtaposing rural life with the patina of the virtual world. As Peyton and Lyla shift between performance and reality, ideas of self-presentation as empowerment, female confidence, and self-branding come to the fore. 


Daedric - Mortal (Official Music Video)
Directors: Robert McCoy, Clayton Reese Schroeder
Music Videos
3 min.
United States
Official music video for Daedric - Mortal


Everybody's Losing their Marbles
Director: Axel Schoreisz
Comedy Shorts
4 min.
A group playing Hungry Hippos threatens each other as shocking revelations surface.


Director: Fernando Amador
Horror Shorts
15 min.
Eugenia & Mauricio, a young couple who, due to an economic downturn, see their relationship in jeopardy. Everything changes when Mrs. Lian, owner of the Chinese restaurant where Eugenia works, He offers her €50,000 in exchange for marrying Huang, his late son. Despite the unusual situation, he ends up accepting the macabre proposal, with unexpected consequences.


The Road of our Fathers
Director: bruno palma
Documentary Shorts
29 min.
The story of Our Fathers’ Roads centers around a family of farmers who live in Montella in the Monti Picentini in the province of Avellino, cattle ranchers suspended between past and present.


Director: Josema Roig
Horror Shorts
10 min.
United States
Somewhere in the US a family hears an unsettling bump in the night.


Shannon Is Strange
Directors: Don Hessell, Alan LaFave
Comedy Shorts
17 min.
United States
A phone call sends Shannon through a labyrinth on her way to an epic showdown with the elusive Jack. Will she succeed or fail at her quest? What we know for sure is that Shannon Is Strange.
Embark on a Bowie-inspired odyssey that celebrates deep tracks, eclectic friends, playful diversions, and the underdog in a small town.


Take Me To A Lake
Director: Kyle Numann
Music Videos
5 min.
United States
Take Me To A Lake is a secular hymn, by way of ballad turned rock barnstormer turned ambient waterscape. Written mostly at Radnor Lake State Park, under the influence of science and poetic naturalism, the theme centers around states, and the journey into and out of being. The conservation of matter, the persistence of energy, myth-making, social influence, form and formlessness and of course, lakes.