Friday Film Block 1


Capitol Theater Fri, Jul 12 2:00 PM


A Christmas Surprise
Director: Mike Ray
Horror Shorts
4 min.
United States
Christina is used to celebrating Christmas every year without her husband & father of their child. This holiday season they are about to get an unexpected surprise under their Christmas tree.


Director: Dillon Jacobson
Dramatic Shorts
7 min.
United States
An immersive soundscape conceptualizing the Judeo-Christian God's creation of the world.


Have Faith
Director: Zach Neumann
Dramatic Shorts
24 min.
United States
A musical short film about a young woman from a Christian home struggling to decide whether to tell her parents about her crisis of faith. She meets a chorus of her personal demons, her personal angel, and finally the devil herself, before finally choosing whether to tell her parents the truth.


Hey Alexa
Director: Rebecca Demeter
Comedy Shorts, Sci-Fi / Fantasy Shorts
10 min.
United States
Alexa is helpful, she's funny, she's kind, she's a friend, who is she? A day in her life.


Prata Neptunia
Director: Asa Crowe
Comedy Shorts
5 min.
United States
A mysterious sect of seals attempts to perform a ritual.


Romantics & Rebels
Director: Braxten Jones
Music Videos
15 min.
United States
On a night out, a shy young woman warms up to the potential of a new relationship. However, the memory of her past seems to divert her attention in the present elsewhere.


Sunflower Episode 101- Duality
Director: Derek Smith
Dramatic Shorts
11 min.
When a serial killer with no clear motive or pattern realizes he’s being pursued by a former police detective, a deadly game of cat and mouse begins and anything can happen.


To Witness Death
Director: Carrsan T. Morrissey
Horror Shorts
8 min.
When a door-to-door salesperson becomes the prime suspect after witnessing a crime, the truth becomes murkier than anyone could have imagined.


Vanished in Ohio
Directors: Tatalovic, B. R., Ochwat, Deborah
Documentary Shorts
14 min.
United States
"Vanished in Ohio" explores the problem of missing women in Ohio, sex trafficking and mainstream media coverage.