Friday Film Block 3


Capitol Theater Fri, Jul 12 8:00 PM


Blue Hour
Director: J.D Shields
Dramatic Shorts
16 min.
United States
Two personal journeys intersect when a struggling young photographer is hired for a cheap last minute portrait gig. The unfolding photo session, while transient, leaves an indelible mark on both women.


Essenger - Sanctum Eternal (Official Music Video)
Director: Jeff Simpson
Music Videos
4 min.
United States
Official music video for Essenger - Sanctum Eternal


Director: Wenrui Zhao
Dramatic Shorts
20 min.
United States
A young Latin-American boy, seeking acceptance from a local gang, forms an unexpected bond with a solitary, wheelchair-bound elder in a lifeless house, leading to a dreamy and transformative journey of freedom and identity.


OMG Music Video
Director: Iris Zhao
Music Videos
3 min.
Hong Kong
A young female artist is trying to evolve her aesthetic. Little does she know that change is much harder than she thinks…


The Other Me /Another Me
Director: Pilar Calvo
Dramatic Shorts
4 min.
During years in complete isolation and loneliness caring for her sick mother, Lucía develops dissociative identity disorder, creating two personalities in her mind.


P@ssword Pr0blems
Director: Mitch Daniel McCallson
Comedy Shorts
6 min.
United States
Isaac tries to login to his computer.


Directors: Urša Kastelic, Shannet Clemmings
Documentary Shorts
13 min.
France, Switzerland
Shannet's voice echoes in the darkness. She is lost. The night scenery of a modern city opens up. She remembers it was a sunny summer day. As she wanders the empty streets, memories begin to haunt her. The cold concrete and a threatening stream of thoughts pull Shannet into an endless tunnel. Trapped in the horrifying reminiscences, the noise transforms into music. She is playing the violin; she is alive. It is a sunny summer day. Shannet finds herself in front of a motionless carousel, waiting. She smiles as her friends join her. Together with them, Shannet stands still in silence.


Director: Rodrigue Huart
Horror Shorts
15 min.
Ewa is a 10-year-old girl living in a high building in a quiet town. She's an odd, lonely child and for good reason: she's convinced of being a vampire. Fascinated by Hugo, 15, she dreams of turning him into a vampire too, so that she can overcome her loneliness. When Ewa opens up to him, she gets bullied by teenagers from the neighborhood. Hurt in her body and soul, she's ready to act in the creepiest, sickest ways to prove her identity to the world.


Directors: Sam Cutler-Kreutz, David Cutler-Kreutz
Dramatic Shorts
15 min.
United States
A high school janitor runs into a set of unexpected obstacles.