Saturday Film Block 2


Capitol Theater Sat, Jul 13 3:00 PM


Bro Moon
Director: Serena Fath
Horror Shorts
11 min.
United States
A horror/comedy about man vs. nature... vs. woman.


Leaf Man
Director: Kevin Ackley
Sci-Fi / Fantasy Shorts
20 min.
United States
Leaf Man is a metaphysical monster movie following a man's odyssey through a world of organic existential transformations. With momentum from a powerful shoegaze score, this wordless short film uses surreal and strange dual-roled characters to dance through the boundary between ourselves, our surroundings, and each other, in the search for a meaningful life. 


Left for Dead
Director: Tab Ballis
Music Videos
4 min.
United States
Singer songwriter Laura McLean evokes the dark soul of a Southern coastal town rocked by a horrific hate crime, in her original song for the documentary film Park View, "Left for Dead." 


Director: Hannah Meyer
Comedy Shorts
15 min.
When a maintenance worker attempts to change a lightbulb, he must confront the enemies of his past military life in order to survive another evening on the night shift.


The Magic Ticket
Director: Yelena V. Krivosheyeva
Dramatic Shorts
15 min.
United States
A homeless female veteran, Penny, is camping outside of a fancy restaurant on Christmas eve when a kind stranger donates her a gift card to go inside and get a hot meal. After struggling to get a seat, she is finally able to order dinner when an angry patron calls the police.
When the cops try to escort Penny out, it triggers her trauma.


The Ticket
Director: Joel William Kellen
Comedy Shorts
3 min.
United States
After receiving a winning lottery ticket, a young man is kidnapped into handing over his prize.


Willing to Grow
Directors: Patrick Lussenhop, Jason Smith, Fred Ebong, Young Creatives, Charlie/Hannah Hall, Kelsey Bigelow
Dramatic Shorts
32 min.
"Willing to Grow" is a poetic exploration of forgiveness, hurt, and healing through a series of interconnected vignettes. Written by Caleb "The Negro Artist" Rainey, this film presents 8 powerful poems, each delving into themes of romantic turmoil, misogynoir, and the aftermath of sexual assault.
With a unique approach, a different director takes the helm for each pair of vignettes, infusing their own style and vision into the storytelling. Through visual poetry and evocative imagery, the film captures the raw emotions of the human experience.