Saturday Film Block 3


Capitol Theater Sat, Jul 13 7:00 PM


Beyond Unbroken - The Madness (Official Music Video)
Director: Monte Bryan Money
Music Videos
4 min.
Official music video for Beyond Unbroken - The Madness 


Director: Megan Brotherton
Dramatic Shorts
15 min.
United States
A recently widowed woman works through the complexities of grief with the help of friends, strangers and Tupperware. 


Hello Stranger
Director: Amélie Hardy
Documentary Shorts
17 min.
Between loads of laundry at the corner laundromat, Cooper shares the tumultuous story of her gender reassignment journey. 


How Do You Ask Consent of a Microbe? Questioning Coexistence in the Anthropocene at the Gowanus Canal
Director: John A Richard
Documentary Shorts
10 min.
United States
SCOPE Collective members Heather Parrish, Elizabeth Henaff, Léonard Roussel, Seth Wenger, and movement artist, Nola Smith, respond artistically to the unique biome that has formed in the toxic waters of the Gowanus Canal through their collaborative installation and performance work, "Precipitate". 


Director: Benjamin Schmidt
Horror Shorts
30 min.
United States
While sorting through the belongings of his deceased estranged uncle, John discovers some dark secrets and realizes he may have inherited more than he bargained for.


Meat Puppet
Comedy Shorts
12 min.
United Kingdom
On the day he promised his girlfriend he’d grow up, a man-child inadvertently traps himself inside a puppet.