VHS Uber Alles June 2024


Grand Illusion Cinema Sat, Jun 22 9:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1986


Troy (Leon Isaac Kennedy) leads The Royals, a rough and tough street gang in Miami.  When they're not defending their turf from rival gangs, he and the core members of his gang also perform in a band called The Royal Rockers.  Unfortunately, after their latest rumble, the gang ends up in jail… Fortunately, in this jail, The Fat Boys and Kurtis Blow are there and everyone in the cell just starts dancing and rapping. The ruckus is overheard by a record CEO who was thrown in the drunk tank and the band gets offered a shot at the big time: a talent contest! Now everyone on the street wants to know... Do The Royal Rockers have what it takes to win?

“Imagine the gangs from Michael Jackson's ‘Beat It’ got a movie.”

“This could easily have been Breakin' 3…”

“[This movie] can also be compared to a cross between West Side Story (1961), Beat Street (1984) and The Warriors (1979). There are gangs, and they do gang-y things, but they will throw down some breakdancing moves at the drop of a hat! At any moment, a dance could break out.”