THEATER 1 Fri, Aug 9 6:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1963
Production Country:Czechoslovakia
Original Language:Czech
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Vera Chytilová
Cast:Vera Uzelacová
Josef Langmiler
Jirí Kodet
Milivoj Uzelac
Jaroslava Matlochová


Czechoslovakian director Vera Chytilová is best known for her 1966 seminal feminist cinematic primal scream DAISIES. Released three years prior, her first film SOMETHING DIFFERENT interweaves the stories of competitive gymnast Eva and the disillusioned housewife Vera. In PLEASANT MOMENTS, Hana is a dedicated psychiatrist who begins to blur the boundaries between her profession and her personal life. Both films are empathetic and realistic explorations of her character's interiorities and keen commentaries on the roles and expectations placed on women. Chytilová consistently presented complicated and flawed female protagonists without judgment. Whether they are considering an affair, struggling with mental health, or engaging in an epic food fight, the director was more interested in honestly exploring how they responded to and interacted with the world around them. Chytilová was an empathetic, humanist filmmaker, who once noted, “The artist may, and indeed must express only what he knows and what concerns him, because he thinks it should be changed. We want to create a new social morality and in the same breath we—artists—lie. Lying in art should be outlawed. What more could we lose as artists, if we lost truth?”