Ghost Quartet - Gimenez Vocal Academy


The James Theater Thu, Jul 18 7:30 PM
The James Theater Fri, Jul 19 6:00 PM
The James Theater Fri, Jul 19 8:00 PM


Introducing Ghost Quartet: A Musical Resurrection

Ghost Quartet is a mesmerizing song cycle that weaves threads of love, vengeance, and the haunting allure of whiskey in a tapestry several layers deep. Written and composed by Dave Malloy, this odyssey invites you into a story where time blurs and spirits linger.

We begin (or end) with a broken camera—within these shards, four friends gather, their lives intertwined across epochs and space. As they raise their glasses, they drink to memories, lost loves, and the mysteries that bind them. From medieval fairy tales to 21st century death trips, their stories echo through ages.


Show Dates and Times

Thursday, July 18, 7:30 PM

Friday, July 19, 6:00 PM 

Friday, July 19, 8:00 PM



$20 General Admission

$10 for Students and Seniors