Back To Burgundy (Ce qui nous lie)

Cédric Klapisch | France | French w/ English subtitles |113 min | Narrative


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Drama
World Cinema
Release Year:2017
Running Time:113 minutes
Premiere Status:New York Premiere
Production Country:France
Original Language:French
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Pio Marmaï
Ana Girardot
François Civil
Jean-Marc Roulot
Director:Cédric Klapisch
Producer:Bruno Levy
Production Company:Ce Qui Me Meut Productions
Screenwriter:Cédric Klapisch and Santiago Amigorena
Cinematography:Alexis Kavyrchine
Editing By:Anne-Sophie Bion
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Date Search:November 14, 2017
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Jean, who had left his family and his native Burgundy ten years ago to tour the world, returns to his childhood home upon hearing of the death of his father, owner of a successful family-run winery. Much has changed, both in the family and the wine industry, since he left, and he now must reconcile with his siblings as each has his/her own idea about the future of the business. Over the course of a year, according to the rhythm of the seasons that follow one after the other, the three rediscover and reinvent their relationship, and strive to re-bond in the face of family obligations, parental pressure, prospective buyers, and grape harvesting season.

Amid the gorgeous backdrop of Burgundy, and told with an assured mix of drama, humor, and plenty of wine, Back to Burgundy is a story of family strength, a story that, like the region’s product, goes down quite smoothly.