BPM (Beats Per Minute) (120 battements par minute)

Robin Campillo| France | French w/ English Subtitles | 143 min | Narrative


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:World Cinema
Release Year:2017
Running Time:143 min
Production Country:France
Original Language:French
Festival Awards:Cannes Film Festival: Grand Prix
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Nahuel Perez Biscayart
Arnaud Vakois
Adele Haenel
Director:Robin Campillo
Executive Producer:Hugues Charbonneau
Marie-Ange Luciani
Screenwriter:Robin Campillo
Phillipe Mangeot
Cinematography:Jeanne Lapoirie
Editing By:Robin Campillo
Stephanie Leger
Anita Roth
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Date Search:November 11, 2017


Robin Campillo's unforgettable film, winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes, depicts the dynamics of the Paris chapter of ACT UP, the direct-action advocacy group committed to ending the AIDS crisis, alongside the heartrending personal moments generated by an epidemic laying waste to men and women in the prime of life. Set in 1989, the opening throws the viewer right into one of ACT UP's fraught meetings as members review a recent action that goes awry. But BPM is not just a drama of activism. There is also a passionate love story, as the HIV-negative Nathan falls head over heels for Sean, whose health is beginning to fail. Campillo's vibrant fresco contrasts righteous protests against Big Pharma, celebratory Pride parades, and redemptive nights at the disco with quieter moments of intimacy and struggle.

BPM is a breathtaking, deeply moving, intense and immersive piece of cinema, vibrant with the immediacy and passion of something happening in the moment.

France's Submission to the 90th Academy Awards

"One of the best movies of the year" - Vanity Fair