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Great Neck Squire Cinemas Wed, Nov 7, 2018 1:30 PM
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Venue:Bow Tie - Great Neck


From comedies to documentaries, from all ages fare to serious dramas, these shorts prove that good things DO come in small packages.

A man with a song stuck in his head will do anything to get it out, a former swim champ gives lessons to her neighbors without a swimming pool, a 1950s teenager finds himself on top of the Empire State Building, a young girl dreams of going into space, a routine prisoner transfer goes wrong when the truck breaks down, a smartphone observes its owner's self-destruction....

All short film programs curated by Alexandra Gil.

Included Shorts

#tagged (12min) 2017 | Netherlands | 12min More
Stems (2min) 2015 | UK | 2min More
A Date in 2025 (14min) 2017 | USA | 14min More
Saul's 108th Story (6min) 2017 | USA | 6min More
Gustav (10min) 2017 | Ireland | 10min More
Raccoon and the Light (4min) 2018 | USA | 4min More
Home Swim Home (Le Grand Bain) (16min) 2016 | France | 16min More
Sorceress (3min) 2018 | UK | 3min More
The Transfer (23min) 2017 | Israel, Germany, Austria | 23min More
One Small Step (8min) 2018 | USA & China | 8min More
Bad News (3min) 2016 | USA | 4min More

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