Great Shorts 2


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Type of Film/Event:Comedy
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Jewish Interest
World Cinema
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Date Search:Sat. 11/10
Venue:Soundview - Port Washington


From comedies to documentaries, from all ages fare to serious dramas, these shorts prove that good things DO come in small packages.

A religious man stuck with a Hitler mustache can't shave until after Shabbat, a teenage girl is asked out for the first time via Google Chat, a man with a huge tattoo of his ex's name tries to find a new girlfriend with the same name, a young boy must choose between money and friendship, a couple looks back on how they met and remembers everything differently, a secret agent hunts down one of the highest ranking Nazi war criminals....

All short film programs curated by Alexandra Gil.

Included Shorts

Love on the Balcony (4min) 2017 | USA | 4min More
On Second Thought (9min) 2018 | USA | 9min More
The Little Dictator (Hadiktator Hakatan) (28min) 2015 | Israel | 28min More
Wonderwall (7min) 2018 | Ukraine & Poland | 7min More
Someone Good Will Find You (8min) 2016 | USA | 8min More
Alison (11min) 2018 | UK | 11min More
The Driver Is Red (15min) 2017 | USA | 15min More
The GF Club (5min) 2017 | USA | 5min More
Rattled (10min) 2016 | United Arab Emirates | 10min More