Great Shorts 3


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Type of Film/Event:Comedy
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Date Search:Sun. 11/11
Venue:Soundview - Port Washington


From comedies to documentaries, from all ages fare to serious dramas, these shorts prove that good things DO come in small packages.

An inventor celebrates the birth of his daughter with the creation of his greatest invention, a retro superhero comes face to face with his rebooted counterpart, a group of senior citizens connects over food and wine at their local Wendy's, a glitchy phone opens up a portal to the 1980s, a teenager has one day to find a gift for his crush before her family moves away....

All short film programs curated by Alexandra Gil.

Included Shorts

Bullies (28min) 2018 | USA | 28min More
Spanish Onion (4min) 2017 | Australia | 4min More
Wendy's Shabbat (10min) 2017 | USA | 10min More
Einstein-Rosen (8min) 2016 | Spain | 8min More
Grands Canons (11min) 2018 | France | 11min More
1997: Birth of the Camera Phone (4min) 2017 | USA | 4min More
Rebooted (4min) 2018 | USA | 4min More
The Give and Take (10min) 2017 | Canada | 10min More
Keep Going (20min) 2016 | Taiwan | 20min More