Cuban Food Stories


Landmark’s E Street Cinema Theater 3 Sun, Apr 28 8:00 PM
Landmark’s E Street Cinema Theater 1 Tue, Apr 30 8:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2018
Production Country:Cuba/USA
Original Language:English and Spanish
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Asori Soto


Filmmaker Asori Soto returns to his native land of Cuba on a mission of “culinary diplomacy” to learn about the island’s isolated pockets of regional cuisine. He finds that Cuba’s culinary traditions are being updated to confront changing situations. Because of shortages and other privations, many Cubans turn to local resources. In the Escambray region, Soto meets a farming couple who believe that “love enters a home through the kitchen.” They are locally renowned for the pork belly they prepare and sell. In one area accessible only by raft, the locals feast on river shrimp. In the historic city of Trinidad, an innkeeper goes shopping for squash, shrimp, lobster, and pineapple for his guests. Through the farmers, fishermen, street vendors, and restaurateurs Soto meets, Cuban Food Stories becomes an affectionate voyage of discovery about the ingenuity and optimism of the Cuban people.—Miguel Pendas