Las Sandinistas!


Landmark’s E Street Cinema Theater 3 Wed, May 1 6:00 PM
Landmark’s E Street Cinema Theater 1 Thu, May 2 8:30 PM
Film Info
Release Year:2018
Genre:Justice Matters
Production Country:USA
Original Language:Spanish
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jenny Murray


Las Sandinistas! tells of the women who led the FSLN revolution in Nicaragua in the 1970–80s. They were students, farmers, poets, lawyers, and mothers. They trained as guerrillas, led battalions, and many died. We get to know the living, active, still-fascinating protagonists of this history. If the FSLN’s goal was to eradicate poverty and end the endless Somoza dictatorship, for the Sandinistas, it was also to fully incorporate women into society. And briefly, that happened as equality and literacy began to flourish between the Sandinista victory and the male-led, American-fed Contra war. You won’t see any official monuments to the female fighters of the revolution now. But if the arc of their narrative was left hanging in midair in the battle for nation, in today’s Nicaragua the good and bad news is that many are still risking it all for the democracy of women’s rights.—Judy Bloch