What About Auburn?



Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema Wed, Aug 7 7:00 PM
Floralee Hark Cohen Cinema Wed, Aug 21 7:00 PM


WV Wednesday this month will feature a short film followed by a feature. Both films will be screened on 8/7 and 8/21.

Favorite Crayon
NR, 19 minutes
Animation, Short

Synopsis: Alaina organizes a contest to determine her favorite crayon, but the crayons begin to sabotage each other in order to win. Winner, Best West Virginia Animation, WV Filmmakers Festival, 2016.

Director Biography - Lisa A. Tignor
Lisa A. Tignor began a broadcasting career at a Huntington West Virginia radio station in 1989. Since that time, she has moved up and down the dial. She moved on to Public Television in the mid-90s. In 2007, she wrote a screenplay that became a semifinalist in the Slamdance Screenwriting Competition. Once bitten by the film bug, she never stopped. She began to volunteer for film festivals and the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild in order to network and learn exactly how to make a film. “Favorite Crayon” is her directorial debut.
She has written for a number of magazines and websites. Highlights of her life include touring with a British rock band, being jumped on by secret service, being banned from Israel, making a disciple of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi lose his cool, writing a cheesy romance novel that was rejected for publication because the main characters didn't want to get married in the end, and in the early 90s trying to convince Bob Woodward to tell her who "DeepThroat" was. (The reality of these events is not nearly as dangerous as one would assume, but they make a good story!) However, her life story isn’t over yet and she still plans to climb the temple of the feathered serpent in Mexico, get arrested while protesting with Martin Sheen, submit a critically acclaimed film to Sundance and get married in a chapel in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator.
She currently hosts a television program called “Volunteering in West Virginia.” 

What About Auburn?
NR, 58 minutes

Synopsis: “What About Auburn?” examines a small town in West Virginia that has experienced economic decline, population loss, and drug issues while also dealing with the environmental impacts of the recent fracking and pipeline boom. Ironically the town developed as a result of the first oil and gas boom, but the recent shale gas boom has not helped the town economically, and has instead destroyed the roads and even destroyed the town's side walks while subjecting the residents to noisy constant truck traffic, with its dust, dirt and grit. The town's residents soldier on anyway and hope for better times. 

Director Biography - Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson is a Baltimore based photographer and film maker. His photo work for businesses, and various institutions have been published in a wide variety of of books, magazines, corporate and institutional publications, advertisements, and websites. He has filmed, directed and produced numerous film projects including the documentary films “The Sudden Pianist” (2012), “Mike Morningstar: Here’s to the Working Man” (2017), and “What About Auburn?” (2019).