Delaware Silver

First edition. With contributions by Louisa D. Bartlett. Table of contents, foreword by Karol A. Schmiegel and Lynda A. K. Danko, acknowledgments by the author, biographical sketches of known Delaware silver smiths, select bibliography. Color illustrations throughout.
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Sewell C. Biggs

First edition. Volume I, Decorative Arts with essays by Philip D. Zimmerman and Jennifer Faulds Goldsborough. Table of contents, acknowledgments, list of contributors, introduction by museum director Karol A. Schmiegel. Further contributions by Ronald W. Fuchs II and Deborah E. Kraak. Volume II, Paintings and sculpture with table of contents, essays by William H. Gerdts and Roxanne M. Stanulis. Table of contents, bibliography, makers' index, notes on contributors. Color and black and white illustrations throughout both volumes. With a biographical sketch of the collector. Much information on Delaware craftsmen and artists. Introduction by Karol A. Schmiegel, Director.
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William D. White

This large format, full color catalogue features 150 images on 116 glossy pages. Text includes a memoir, along with a scholarly, but very readable, presentation of William D. White’s 50-year career in the context of the rapid growth and turbulent events of the first half of the 20th Century.
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Wrought with Careful Hand

First edition. Table of contents, foreword by Susan P. Schoelwer, acknowledgments, endnotes, select bibliography, biographical sketches of the authors. Color illustrations throughout. Maps on inside covers. An exhibition of samplers produced in Delaware, mostly early 19th century, with emphasis on kinship connections.
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