Harkins Sedona 6 -Theatre 1
Harkins Sedona 6 - Theatre 2
Enchantment Resort Ballroom
Mary D. Fisher Theatre
Sedona Performing Arts Center
10:00 AM (96 min)
Often we receive e-mails from strangers announcing that you have won the lottery or that an attractive woman would like to chat with you … But who are the people that try to deceive us? What human story lies behind the phenomenon of ‘internet fraud’? In "Sakawa" we meet a three Ghanaian youngsters who, out of desperation, turn to internet scamming through the help of black magic. ‘Ama’ is a young mother and a newcomer on the scene. ‘OneDollar’ tries to save the money to travel to Italy. Francis, the most experienced of them all, learns the youngsters the tricks of the trade. What is viewed in the West as fraud, is seen by the Sakawa-boys as the exploitation of available resources. These resources come in the form of electronic waste, dumped in their country by the West. Sakawa is not only a criminal practice, but also a means of survival. By showing their stories, the viewer participates in a their way of life and discovers that none of them are good, but none of them are bad. Just lik
1:00 PM (86 min)
Shorts PROGRAM 5
A collection of incredible shorts you are sure to enjoy.
4:00 PM (108 min)
Voodoo Macbeth
In 1936, America is in the midst of The Great Depression, and millions of unemployed are struggling to survive. Still, Harlem’s Lafayette Theater continues operations and is the most active Negro Theater unit of the Federal Theater Project, a New Deal program funding live artist performance and designed to boost employment. Led by Rose McClendon and John Houseman, the company challenges conventional perspectives of Black theater by producing their first classical production. Houseman hires the inexperienced, boisterous, and arrogant 20-year-old Orson Welles to direct the first all-Black cast performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Welles, determined to create shockwaves with his first professional stage play, radically adapts Macbeth by shifting the setting from medieval Scotland to 19th century Haiti. Welles struggles to bring his career-launching vision to life while balancing an amateur cast, distressed marriage, political interference, and protests fueled by the skepticism of the Black
7:00 PM (89 min)
Shorts PROGRAM 3
A collection of incredible shorts you are sure to enjoy.
10:10 AM (96 min)
Public Trust
In a time of growing income inequality in America, there is one asset that remains in the hands of the American people: the 640 million acres of America’s Public Lands. Given its status as the last large-scale public asset on the planet, powerful forces have aligned to attempt the largest land grab in modern history, rob Americans of this unique birthright, and make modern day vassals of the American people. Despite support from voters across the political spectrum, our public lands face unprecedented threats from extractive industries and the politicians in their pockets. Part love letter, part political exposé, "Public Trust" investigates how we arrived at this precarious moment through three heated conflicts — a national monument in the Utah desert, a mine in the Boundary Waters and oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — and makes a case for their continued protection.
1:10 PM (96 min)
Not Going Quietly
Ady Barkan and his wife Rachael always said they were the luckiest people they knew. A rising star in political organizing and new father, Ady had his whole life in front of him. But four months after his son Carl is born, Ady is diagnosed with ALS, a deadly disease that will ultimately paralyze his entire body. Despairing at the loss of decades of happiness with his family, Ady decides to return to his roots as an activist. Traveling to protest a bill that will cut into the healthcare programs he needs to survive, Ady chances to meet a powerful Senator on an airplane. The conversation is captured on video, goes viral, and catapults him into the public eye. Capitalizing on the power of his new platform, Ady launches the Be A Hero campaign to fight for healthcare justice. With a diverse group of activists he barnstorms across the country in a wheelchair-accessible RV, building a people-powered movement. Along the way they educate and empower others to use the tactic of birddogging—confr
4:10 PM (102 min)
Navigating THRU
Every year, thousands of people attempt a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, but only one in four will be successful and just a quarter of those few are women. "Navigating THRU" follows the journey of several women as they hike 2,200 miles along the Appalachian Trail and discover what it takes to become the "25% of the 25%." The film explores the everyday struggles any THRU hiker faces as well as what it means to be a woman on and off the trail.
7:10 PM (143 min)
The Fisherman's Diary
A 12-year old girl — Ekah (Faith Fidel) — is inspired by the story of the youngest Noble Peace Prize Winner — Malala Yousafzai's. She is determined to go to school in a village of fisherman where the education of a girl child is considered to be a taboo. Her burning drive and determination to break this old adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon's (Kang Quintus) past experience with girl child education.
10:00 AM (99 min)
"iHuman" follows pioneers at the frontline of the invisible AI revolution to see how this technology is developed and implemented. Through some of the brightest minds in the AI industry, "iHuman" draws the roadmap to where we are going and shows a growing conflict in the tech world. AI now permeates every aspect of our lives, but only a handful of people really have control over what it’s doing to us. The true limits of AI remain unknown — as do the extent of the consequences.
1:00 PM (119 min)
When a little girl begins to see the ghost of another girl her age shortly after finding a necklace at a landfill, she embarks on a journey to help the ghost discover the mystery behind her death.
4:00 PM (93 min)
The Most Beautiful Boy in the World
In 1971, at the world premiere of Death in Venice in London, Italian director Luchino Visconti proclaimed Björn Andrésen, the teen star of his latest film, "The Most Beautiful Boy in the World.” This is the story of a boy who was thrust to international stardom for his iconic looks and lived a life of glamour. 50 years later, Björn looks back. A haunting psychologically probing portrait of Bjorn Andresen, the film dwells persuasively on how sudden fame can ruin a young life, bypassing any perks of stardom.
7:00 PM (83 min)
On Our Own Island
This remarkable documentary takes a life-affirming look at the power of true love, even through life’s most inevitable passage. With "On Our Own Island", award-winning filmmakers Ellie Dylan and Sky Dylan-Robbins capture a universal part of life that’s rarely talked about or seen. Chronicling the seasons of a relationship from its romantic beginnings through its unexpected end, this timely and uplifting documentary looks death in the face to discover how to find strength, peace and meaning in the present.
10:00 AM (120 min)
Filmmaker Conversations
Our popular “Filmmaker Conversations” Workshop Series returns to the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. Each is designed to give attendees insight into the various aspects of filmmaking. Workshops and discussions are presented by industry experts with vast knowledge and personal experience in the featured subject. Topics covered will be: Getting Started: Producing a Short Film; Docs that Make a Difference:?Documentary Filmmaking; The Distribution Game: Getting Your Film Into the Market; Getting the Biggest BANG for your SOUND?BUCK; and Screenwriting: From Page to Pitch.
1:00 PM (106 min)
Gun and a Hotel Bible
"Gun and a Hotel Bible" is a provocative dialogue between a man on the verge of a violent act and a personified hotel bible. Spend one hour in a desperate man's life as Pete comes "face-to-face" with everything he once believed in when confronted by the chipper bible on the table, Gideon. Gideon (being a Bible) doesn't get out much. Still, he has plenty to say...but Pete has heard it all before and is more than ready to spar with the "Word of God." As ideas about morality, the Bible, and God fly, the clock ticks. Gideon and Pete battle and bond as they are forced to deal with their inadequacies. Unfortunately, time is short. Can Gideon sway Pete before Pete pulls the trigger?
4:00 PM (107 min)
Documentary Shorts PROGRAM 3
Experience a collection of powerful, thought provoking short documentary films.
7:00 PM (87 min)
End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock
"End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock" is the incredible story of a small group of indigenous women who risk their lives to stop the $3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline construction that desecrated their ancient burial and prayer sites and threatens their land, water, and very existence. When the population of their peaceful protest camp exceeds 10,000, the women unwittingly find themselves the leaders of a global movement. Featuring exclusive footage including never-before-seen evidence of police brutality surrendered to the filmmakers by a disgraced law enforcement officer, "End of the Line" is both an exploration of the rise of indigenous and feminine power in the areas of social and environmental justice, and a searing and deeply personal story of four brave women. Together, they must face the personal costs of leadership, even as their own lives and identities are left transformed by one of the great political and cultural events of the early 21st century.
10:00 AM (100 min)
A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto?
Past and present meet upon the discovery of an old, mysterious photograph that will end up tying together Christian and Jewish students in search of the truth. Trying to unravel the mystery behind the portrait, the boys embark on a journey through a night that cannot be forgotten: the raid of the Roman Ghetto. Retracing these events will give them the chance to take a collective stance towards personal, existential, and cultural commitment.
1:00 PM (90 min)
Back to Maracanã
When a divorced Israeli dad finds himself on a spontaneous family trip from Israel to Brazil for the World Cup, with his Brazilian father, a soccer fanatic possibly, and his disinterested 12-year old son, what could possibly go wrong? Roberto (40), divorced with a failing business, his son Itay (12), a spoiled teenager that snubs his father and despises soccer, and the grandfather Samuel (76), an enthusiastic soccer fan that recently found out he doesn't have much time to live, depart spontaneously to the World Cup Games in Brazil - their former homeland. Their unplanned trip turns into a wild journey that changes all of them.
4:00 PM (104 min)
The Tunnel
A tank truck crashes in a tunnel in the ice-cold Norwegian mountains, brutally trapping families, teenagers and tourists on their way home for Christmas. A blizzard is raging outside and the first responders struggle to get to the scene of the accident. The wrecked tanker catches fire and the tunnel is filled with deadly smoke. Will the help get there in time?
7:00 PM (136 min)
Funny Lady
Join us as we experience the classic film "Funny Lady" on the big screen and pay tribute to costume designer Bob Mackie! "Funny Lady" was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Costume Design (for Bob Mackie and Ray Aghayan), Best Original Song ("How Lucky Can You Get"), Best Sound, Best Cinematography and Best Original Score. In this sequel to "Funny Girl," Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand) is now a huge star on Broadway whose fortunes have taken a hit from the Great Depression. After a whirlwind romance, Fanny marries Billy Rose (James Caan), and the two agree to collaborate on a show. Despite the show's early struggles, Fanny makes it a success, but the sudden fame puts a strain on her marriage — especially when Billy learns she still has feelings for her ex-husband, Nick (Omar Sharif).