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Chained to a pipe in a dark room, a young woman must fight her way out and discover the dark secret to her imprisonment.
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Eight-year-old Colin and his mother are sequestered in an apartment under the supervision of two police officers. While she leaves every day, Colin is left alone without answers or guidance.
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A Small Family Affair

The hour before Jane's nuptials, an unexpected guest from her past arrives to reveal a well-kept family secret that threatens to derail her entire wedding and could tear the family apart.
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A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto?

Past and present meet upon the discovery of an old, mysterious photograph that will end up tying together Christian and Jewish students in search of the truth. Trying to unravel the mystery behind the portrait, the boys embark on a journey through a night that cannot be forgotten: the raid of the Roman Ghetto. Retracing these events will give them the chance to take a collective stance towards personal, existential, and cultural commitment.
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African Violet

Middle-aged Shokoo finds out that ex-husband, Fereydoun, has been placed in a nursing home by their children. She, and second husband Reza, decide to take care of Fereydoun themselves, but in their own home. In doing so, the relationship between Shokoo and Fereydoun is significantly transformed. This new situation affects Reza and Shokoo’s daily life and unexpected changes take place in the lives of all three characters.
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Along the scorching southern desert border in Arizona, it is estimated that only one out of every five missing migrants are ever found. This film is the story of one group of searchers, the Aguilas del Desierto, themselves largely immigrant Latinos. Once a month these volunteers — construction workers, gardeners, domestic laborers by trade — set out to recover missing loved ones referred to them by word of mouth, phone calls, or Facebook message. Amidst rising political repression and cartel violence, as well as the eternal difficulties of travel in the Sonoran Desert, the Aguilas carry out their solemn task.
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Alexandre the Fool

Fifteen years after a psychotic event on the South China Sea flipped his life upside down, Alex, a sensitive, refined and schizophrenic man is at a crossroads. His grand-mother and confidante, who would like to die with peace of mind, insists that he tries to find a girlfriend. His encounter with a young psychotic woman gives birth to an ardently passionate relationship, making him slowly drift away from his usual emotional boundaries. While the South China Sea’s troubled waters well up in his mind, he gradually isolates himself, in danger of being swallowed by paranoia’s unfathomable abyss. An intimate odyssey, at once troubling and sublime.
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As Nazis separate children from their parents in the Warsaw Ghetto, a gang of women risks everything to smuggle their friend's three-month-old baby to safety. Inspired by true events.
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All on a Mardi Gras Day

In a gentrifying New Orleans, Demond sacrifices to be Big Chief in a secret 200-year culture known as Mardi Gras Indians: African-American men from the city’s roughest neighborhoods who spend all year sewing feathered suits they’ll wear only once, in a battle to decide who’s “the prettiest.”
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Amundsen: The Greatest Expedition

Roald Amundsen’s dream of reaching the North Pole haunts him throughout his life. He is obsessed with the idea of discovering the last unchartered lands of the world. While he wins the race against Robert Scott to becomes the first man ever to conquer the South Pole, Amundsen will sacrifice everything to be the first to explore the icy wastelands of the North Pole.
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An Evening with Bob Mackie

Spend an evening with award-winning costume designer extraordinaire Bob Mackie in an intimate, live conversation with the fashion icon! Go behind the scenes of his illustrious career with a look back at the styles that have adorned the who’s who of the entertainment world on stage, screen and red carpets! Bob Mackie is an internationally renowned costume and fashion designer who has dressed some of the most glamorous entertainment icons in the world. With a career spanning five decades, nine Emmy Award wins, three Academy Award nominations, and an induction into the Television Academy Hall of Fame, Bob Mackie's career is nothing short of legendary. Most recently, he received a 2019 Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, and Outer Critics Circle Award for his work on “The Cher Show”. A native of Southern California, Bob's career began in 1961, where he was in demand as a sketch artist for many costume designers in film, including Edith Head and Jean Louis. In 1966, the vivacious Mitzi Gaynor de
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Asia (Alena Yiv) and Vika (Shira Haas) are more like sisters than mother and daughter. Young mom Asia hides nothing about her work-hard, play-hard lifestyle, and expects the same openness and honesty from teenage Vika. But Vika is at an age where privacy and independence are paramount, and inevitably begins to rebel against her mom’s parenting style. With two stubborn and opinionated women under one roof, Asia finds herself in new territory and stumbles to achieve a balance between asserting her parental authority and respecting her daughter’s point of view. When health issues lead Vika to be confined to a wheelchair and her need for romantic experiences and sexual exploration becomes more urgent, Asia realizes she must get out of the way so that her daughter can live her life. In her debut feature film, Israeli filmmaker Ruthy Pribar focuses on a pair of Russian immigrants in Israel, candidly exploring the challenges of motherhood and the desires of the differently-abled.
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At the Ready

Ten miles from the Mexican border, students at Horizon High School in El Paso, Texas, are enrolling in law enforcement classes and joining a unique after-school activity: the criminal justice club. Through mock-ups of drug raids and active-shooter takedowns, they inch closer to their desired careers in border patrol, policing, and customs enforcement. We follow Mexican American students Kassy and Cesar and recent graduate Cristina as they navigate the complications inherent in their chosen path and discover their choices may clash with the values and people they hold closest. Through intimate access and a clear-sighted lens, director Maisie Crow takes us inside one of the largest policing education programs in the region, offering a rare portrait of Latinx adolescents grappling with their place within their communities. Unafraid of confronting the difficult questions that lurk at the intersection of identity, immigration, and personal politics, "At the Ready" asks: What is the price of
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The Audience Choice winners will be announced at the Awards Brunch early Sunday morning, June 20th. Tickets will be available at that time.
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Back to Maracanã

When a divorced Israeli dad finds himself on a spontaneous family trip from Israel to Brazil for the World Cup, with his Brazilian father, a soccer fanatic possibly, and his disinterested 12-year old son, what could possibly go wrong? Roberto (40), divorced with a failing business, his son Itay (12), a spoiled teenager that snubs his father and despises soccer, and the grandfather Samuel (76), an enthusiastic soccer fan that recently found out he doesn't have much time to live, depart spontaneously to the World Cup Games in Brazil - their former homeland. Their unplanned trip turns into a wild journey that changes all of them.
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Beautifully Savage

In the United States, about two-thirds of released prisoners are rearrested within three years. In "Beautifully Savage", Joe takes us on his journey navigating the criminal justice system after falling in with a crowd who dealt narcotics. Upon release, he focuses on rebuilding his life to better serve as a role model for his children, and powers through the arduous process of starting his own company — Beautifully Savage — a boxing gym, in Fort Collins, Colorado, to foster community and growth. Breakwater Studios partnered with Huckberry and lululemon to tell Joe’s story of prison, perseverance, and pugilism in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.
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A short film about sharing....
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Beneath the Ink

As society's belief systems are seemingly changing, or even reverting in time, one Ohio artist is challenging his community by saying, "bring me your mistakes". Inspired by recent events, Billy Joe White and his Red Rose Tattoo Studio are promoting one simple concept … ERASE THE HATE. "Beneath the Ink" is a timely look at hate and racism in the western foothills of this Appalachian region that reveals heartfelt stories of change and redemption.
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