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Brett Newski & the No Tomorrow

Fri, Jun 18 7:30 PM
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Kristina Koller: Jazz

Sat, Sep 18 7:30 PM
Always innovative and pushing the limit, jazz-centric artist, Kristina, has developed into a highly individual songwriter, arranger & vocalist. Her diverse & unconventional approach is exemplified in her last album ‘Stronger’, where she combines art rock with jazz & indie-pop. The thematic & powerful songs radiate mental strength dealing with and breaking through the claustrophobic isolation and loneliness of city life - projecting empowerment through self-discovery & awareness. Koller creates music that crosses generations, while still embracing the history and mood of traditional jazz. She arranges tunes in unique ways, pushing the boundaries of vocal jazz. Kristina revamps classic material while retaining their essence, putting her own winning personality and fresh ideas into the music & lyrics that she interprets.
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