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Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé

This concert film accentuates the journey of Renaissance World Tour, from its inception, to the opening in Stockholm, Sweden, to the finale in Kansas City, Missouri. It is about Beyoncé's intention, hard work, involvement in every aspect of the production, her creative mind and purpose to create her legacy, and master her craft.
Fri, Dec 1 6:00 PM
Sat, Dec 2 7:15 PM
Sun, Dec 3 5:00 PM
Thu, Dec 7 6:00 PM
Fri, Dec 8 6:00 PM
Sat, Dec 9 6:00 PM
Sun, Dec 10 5:00 PM
Thu, Dec 14 6:00 PM
Fri, Dec 15 6:00 PM
Sat, Dec 16 6:00 PM
Sun, Dec 17 2:00 PM
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Its a Wonderful Life

Sat, Dec 2 4:30 PM
Tue, Dec 19 6:00 PM
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Harry Potter Marathon: Order of The Phoenix & Half Blood Prince
Double Feature

Sun, Dec 3 11:00 AM
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Harry Potter Marathon: The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2
Double Feature

Sun, Dec 10 11:00 AM
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When young Buddy falls into Santa's gift sack on Christmas Eve, he's transported back to the North Pole and raised as a toy-making elf by Santa's helpers. But as he grows into adulthood, he can't shake the nagging feeling that he doesn't belong. Buddy vows to visit Manhattan and find his real dad, a workaholic publisher.
Wed, Dec 20 6:30 PM
Sat, Dec 23 5:10 PM7:30 PM
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The Polar Express

When a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.
Sat, Dec 23 1:00 PM3:05 PM
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The Color Purple

The extraordinary sisterhood of three women who share one unbreakable bond.
Mon, Dec 25 7:00 PM
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