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Bow Tie Great Neck Squire (Theater 5)
Bowtie Great Neck Squire Cinemas
3:30 PM (115 min)
Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro
2017 Features Images\TonyVaccaroPRIMARY1A_thumb.jpg
The remarkable story of WWII infantryman and photographer Tony Vaccaro, who created one of the most comprehensive, haunting and intimate photographic records of the war using a smuggled $47 camera while developing the negatives in his helmet at night.
3:00 PM (135 min)
2017 Features Images\SupergirlPRIMARY1A_thumb.jpg
Naomi Kutin seems like a typical Orthodox Jewish pre-teen girl until her extraordinary powerlifting talent thrusts her into international news headlines. Watch as this 9-year-old "Supergirl" fights to hold onto her title while navigating the perils of adolescence. An intimate look at the path to success in a little-known sport, and the ways in which a close-knit Orthodox family balances life with a real-life superheroine.