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Sponsorship - Cinema Soiree 2022 Sponsorship

Thank you for sponsoring the Cinema Soiree 2022! All proceeds benefit Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center, Inc.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Lead Sponsor: $50,000 (10 tickets, $48,500 is tax deductible)
  • Director Sponsor: $25,000 (4 tickets, $24,400 is tax deductible)
  • Producer Sponsor: $10,000 (2 tickets, $9,700 is tax deductible)

All sponsors will receive special recognition on signage throughout the Cinema event and on the website. Additionally, $50k and $25k sponsors will be thanked before the auction, and $50k sponsors will be included in the press release.

If you would prefer to pay via check or wire transfer, please contact Gail Bruesewitz - Director of Administration & Customer Relations - at

Please consult with your DAF Representative if you are interested in purchasing tickets with a Donor Advised Fund.

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   Lead Sponsor - $50,000.00

   Director Sponsor - $25,000.00

   Producer Sponsor - $10,000.00

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