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Panic on the Titanic Escape Room
Saturday, Sep 24, 2022 6:15 PM
After retiring from the grain industry with $4 million, you took a trip to Europe for relaxation and to shop for furnishings for your new home. You decided to journey home on the unsinkable RMS Titanic. As one of the wealthy and important families, you have been invited to dine with the Captain on the Bridge. The crew interrupted your dinner several times, and the Captain seems worried. He had just excused himself from the room when the whole ship began shaking, and the door was blocked. You are trapped in the Bridge with no knowledge of how to steer what now seems to be a sinking ship.

-Teams may register with up to 8 participants
-60 minutes to escape
-Cash bar available (must purchase a History Center drink tumbler with lid to bring drinks inside escape room)
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