Friday Film Block 2


Capitol Theater Fri, Aug 6 2:00 PM


Holding Silence – Dir. André Kloer
Documentary – 14 min.
Three artisans from Asian decent – a martial artist, a pastry chef and an animator – find In the focus of their crafts the silence, who invites each of them on a journey along their family history line.
After a seemingly random phone call martial arts teacher Kierty Verbooy connects with his long lost Indian father, setting him on a path that helps him making sense of his life’s choices and innate need for balance.
The often times realistic Hoang is destined to take over the family business in Vietnamese pastry. But in the focus of her work she longs for a quietness and tries to deal with the vast ambitions of her mother.
Animation director Yiuloon finds connection with his deceased father through his animations about Chinese lion dancers. Reflecting on his two children, he is committed to create a more outspoken relationship than the one he grew up in.

The Last Sleepover – Dir. Benjamin Schmidt
Drama – 11 min.
Ariana and Brett have been friends for years, but haven’t spoken in months. Until tonight, when Ariana suddenly arrives at Brett’s bedroom window, on the verge of tears, and in need of a place to stay for the night.

Murphy’s Law – Dir. Les Nelson
Comedy – 17 min.
Murphy’s life is in Shambles. He believes that seeking for a near death experience, may provide him with a better perspective of LIFE.

The Offer – Dir. Ally Boyd
Drama – 16 min.
A short film written and produced by Shelby Hagerdon and directed by Ally Boyd. It follows Liz and Drew as they attempt to understand what their relationship means to them. This is a student project produced at Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska by Iowa resident Shelby Hagerdon.

The Tour – Dir. John Gigrich
Drama – 7 min.
While giving a video tour of her house, a young woman describes the most significant moments of her life.

Wild Card – Dir. Brittany Benedict
Drama – 22 min.
“Wild Card” is a short noir style film that takes place around the poker table of one of the city’s most-wanted mob lords, Vinny Romano. Six others join him: his henchman, his wife, her not so secret lover, his not so secret lover, a cousin who owes him money, and a cop; all of them knowing that when Vinny invites someone to a card game, its not to play cards. They are there for a reason; not a good one. With so many differing players at the table, Vinny struggles to keep the power in his hand and things get out of control. In the end, its anyones game.

Zombie Pizza Party – Dir. Avery Christmas
Horror – 9 min.
The only thing missing from this zombie apocalypse is pizza.