Revel In Red


Capitol Theater Fri, May 10 7:30 PM


Sometimes, you don't know what you've been missing until it's right in front of you. This may just be the case with Revel in Red. Once you experience a show, you'll wonder how you've gotten along this far without it. They'll hit you like a 2-ton heavy thing.

With this six-piece rock band, they have most all of the bases covered. The stage presence, the skill, the ability to improvise... all with the sense to keep you singing and dancing all night.

At any given performance, you may hear music spanning from the 70's through today. All of the rock anthems and classics you can't resist. From Prince, Van Halen, Boston, Night Ranger, Bon Jovi, Journey & REO, to Pink, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran & My Chemical Romance.