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Friday Jul 1st
HCCMF: The Three Concertmasters
1250 HCCMF July 1 a_thumb.jpg
6:00 PM
Saturday Jul 2nd
Sunday Jul 3rd
HCCMF: American Salute
1250 HCCMF July 3_thumb.jpg
5:00 PM
Monday Jul 4th
Tuesday Jul 5th
Wednesday Jul 6th
Thursday Jul 7th
Friday Jul 8th
HCCMF: Cellomania!
1250 HCCMF July 8 a_thumb.jpg
6:00 PM
Saturday Jul 9th
Sunday Jul 10th
HCCMF: Champagne and Chopin
1250 HCCMF July 10 a_thumb.jpg
5:00 PM
Monday Jul 11th
Tuesday Jul 12th
Wednesday Jul 13th
Thursday Jul 14th
Friday Jul 15th
HCCMF: The Ulysses String Quartet
1250 HCCMF July 15_thumb.jpg
6:00 PM
Saturday Jul 16th
Sunday Jul 17th
HCCMF The Gryphon Trio
1250 HCCMF JUly 17_thumb.jpg
5:00 PM
Monday Jul 18th
Tuesday Jul 19th
Wednesday Jul 20th
Thursday Jul 21st
Friday Jul 22nd
HCCMF Handel with Care
1250 HCCMF July 22_thumb.jpg
6:00 PM
Saturday Jul 23rd
Sunday Jul 24th
HCCMF From Russia With Love
1250 HCCMF July 24_thumb.jpg
5:00 PM
Monday Jul 25th
Tuesday Jul 26th
Wednesday Jul 27th
Thursday Jul 28th
Friday Jul 29th
HCCMF The Rematch
1250 HCCMF July 29_thumb.jpg
5:00 PM
Saturday Jul 30th
Sunday Jul 31st
HCCMf stars of Tomorrow
1250 HCCMF July 31_thumb.jpg
5:00 PM