Food and Power among Japanese Americans Incarcerated During World War II

Live Presentation via Zoom


Virtual Screening Room Wed, May 10, 2023 6:00 PM
Arizona, which is also 6pm Pacific Daylight Time


Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II had little say in the food they ate or crops they cultivated. Join Dr. Paula Fujiwara and the Arizona Historical Society on May 10th as she explores the relationship of food and power among imprisoned Americans of Japanese ancestry, with some details on the two incarceration camps in Arizona - Gila River and Poston. She will discuss three intertwined themes: the relationship of the inmates with War Relocation Authority staff, the shift in family dynamics vis-a-vis meals and the tensions among the Japanese Americans themselves.


Paula Fujiwara, MD, MPH, has had a celebrated medical career working closely on tuberculosis issues across the country and the world. She also is a descendant of Japanese Americans imprisoned at the Tule Lake concentration camp in California.

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