THEATER 1 Sat, Jul 27 3:00 PM
THEATER 1 Wed, Jul 31 6:00 PM
Film Info
Release Year:1981
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sidney Lumet
Cast:Treat Williams
Jerry Orbach
Richard Foronjy
Don Billett
Kenny Marino


SERPICO walked so that PRINCE OF THE CITY could run. In Lumet’s epic and ambitious film, Danny Ciello (Treat Williams, in a remarkable performance that recognized the otherwise unappreciated depth of his talent) is a dedicated narcotics detective in New York City. Torn between loyalty to his fellow officers and a nagging awareness of the systemic corruption within the department, Ciello agrees to become an informant for federal prosecutors investigating the NYPD. Exposing widespread misconduct and implicated colleagues, close friends, and mentors, Ciello grapples with guilt and the consequences of his choices. Nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award, and co-written by Lumet and Jay Presson Allen (CABARET, MARNIE), PRINCE OF THE CITY is exceptional, a classic Lumet story of justice, honor, and moral code. Presented in 16mm with a print provided by the archives of The Film Society of Montreal. Version presented is the TV edit, which excludes profanity but includes nineteen additional minutes not seen in the theatrical cut.