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The Black Pirate

Silent with Live Accompaniment by Mark Herman on the Mighty Wurlitzer. One of Douglas Fairbanks’s greatest roles, this swashbuckler is full of stunts, adventure and excitement. This was a high-budget, major production in 1926 and was a huge hit with audiences. And who knew they had an early Technicolor process in 1926?! Watch for the now famous (and often copied) sail-sliding scene, and see if you can spot Mary Pickford in her uncredited cameo. This film is rip-roaring fun, and it’s a rare treat to experience it on the big screen with live accompaniment as they did in the 1920s. And of course, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (yep, look it up!) so come celebrate with us at Old Town Music Hall.
Sun, Sep 19 2:30 PM
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The Wizard of Oz

See it on the big screen, and bring someone who has never seen it! In this beloved masterpiece, Judy Garland plays a young farm girl who is magically transported into the enchanted land of Oz. As she and her little dog travel down Oz's Yellow Brick Road to find the Wizard to ask for a way home, they meet a wonderful group of characters. This 1939 classic introduced the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.
Sat, Sep 25 2:30 PM7:00 PM
Sun, Sep 26 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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The Black Cat

1934 • Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi Would you spend the night in a bizarre home atop a horrific WWI battlefield? What if you were there with Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff? The Black Cat is a true horror classic. Karloff and Lugosi have amazing on-screen chemistry. Yes, it’s macabre, but it’s great fun. Grab some popcorn, take a seat, and get ready to be creeped out.
Sat, Oct 2 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

This film may be a spoof, but it’s also an homage to the legendary monsters of Universal Studios. The three monsters (Bela Lugosi as Dracula, Lon Chaney as the Wolfman, and Glenn Strange as Frankenstein) play it straight, making the blend of comedy with horror so incredibly entertaining. A must see for any horror fan - or comedy fan!
Sun, Oct 3 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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The Wolf Man

1941 • Lon Chaney, Jr., Claude Rains As the saying goes: "Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright.” Lon Chaney Jr. stars in this horror masterpiece about a man who is attacked by a werewolf and then becomes one himself. Simply put: it’s one of the greats!
Sat, Oct 9 7:00 PM
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The Bride of Frankenstein

This follow-up to 1931’s Frankenstein is sheer brilliance. It features some of the most memorable scenes in cinema history -- notably the monster's encounter with a lonely hermit and the introduction of 'The Bride'. The film is regarded as the high point of Universal’s horror films and stands as a testament to the genius of director James Whale.
Sun, Oct 10 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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The Mummy

The Mummy is one of the most beloved films from Universal's classic horror period. Boris Karloff gives the film its resonance. Audiences in 1932 were frightened to death when Karloff opened his eyes for the first time. The Mummy is a true work of art that’s as much suspense thriller as it is horror.
Sat, Oct 16 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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The Invisible Man

With a brilliant performance by Claude Rains (often with only his voice), The Invisible Man gets better every time you watch it! In the 1930s, the special effects left audiences captivated. Even today we wonder how they did it without computers. Based on the H.G Wells classic story, this film is on everyone’s must- see list of horror/sci-fi classics.
Sun, Oct 17 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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Bela Lugosi’s extraordinary performance made Dracula the most terrifying monster in movie history. When first released, the film was known to make patrons faint in the theaters and have nightmares for years. If you love scary movies, Dracula is either at the top of your list, or it will be after you see it this weekend at Old Town Music Hall.
Sat, Oct 23 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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Drácula (Spanish Version)

In the early days of sound, it was common for Hollywood studios to produce Hollywood foreign-language versions of their films (usually in French, Spanish and German) using the same sets, costumes and etc. Unfortunately, most of these foreign language versions no longer exist. The Spanish version of Dracula is an exception. In recent years this version has become more highly praised by some than the English language version. The Spanish crew had the advantage of watching the dailies from the English crew's version when they came in for the evening and they would figure out better camera angles and more effective use of lighting in an attempt to "top" it. As a result, this version's supporters consider it to be much more artistically effective.
Sun, Oct 24 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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"It's Alive!" is a line that will live on forever as we recall the first moments of life for cinema’s most recognized and beloved monster of all time. Karloff's sympathetic performance evokes fear while also breaking our hearts. This film made him a huge star after years of working as an unknown actor. Frankenstein is nothing less than a classic!
Sat, Oct 30 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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The Phantom of the Opera

• Silent with Live Accompaniment on the Mighty Wurlitzer • Old Town Music Hall celebrates its premiere partnership with Retroformat Silent Films, with two screenings of Lon Chaney starring in the 1925 version of The Phantom of the Opera. Accept no substitute! This version sets the standard against which all others are measured. Chaney’s performance evokes both terror and sadness, even in the early scenes when only his shadow is shown. There is nothing like original, old world macabre. Don’t miss this chance to see it in its full glory, accompanied on the Mighty Wurlitzer by Retroformat Musical Director Cliff Retallick.
Sun, Oct 31 2:30 PM7:00 PM
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Some Like It Hot

Two musicians witness a mob hit and struggle to find a way out of the city before they are found by the gangsters. Their only opportunity is to join an all-girl band as they leave on a tour. To make their getaway they must first disguise themselves as women, then keep their identities secret and deal with the problems this brings - such as an attractive bandmate and a very determined suitor.
Sat, Nov 6 2:30 PM7:00 PM
Sun, Nov 7 7:00 PM
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Banjo Buddies

• 10 Banjos, a Tuba, a Piano, a Washboard and Spoons! • Until you’ve heard ten banjos playing at once, you haven’t heard nuthin’! Dixieland riverboat jazz, roaring 20s sing-a-longs and just good old-fashioned American music for the whole family. This afternoon’s show is a benefit performance to support Old Town Music Hall. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
Sun, Nov 7 2:30 PM
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Bringing Up Baby

Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn star in this hilarious and wonderful screwball comedy classic about a madcap heiress who upsets the staid existence of a stuffy zoology professor. Great, great fun.
Sat, Nov 13 2:30 PM
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Arsenic and Old Lace

Mortimer Brewster, a newspaper drama critic, playwright and author known for his diatribes against marriage, suddenly falls in love and gets married; but when he makes a quick trip home to tell his two maiden aunts, he finds out his aunts' hobby - killing lonely old men and burying them in the cellar!
Sat, Nov 13 7:00 PM
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Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Cary Grant and Myna Loy star in this classic screwball comedy about a big city executive who wants to find a simpler life in the country. The Tom Hanks film The Money Pit was a solid remake, but we still love the original. Anyone who has ever tried a home improvement project will relate to this funny, witty film.
Sun, Nov 14 2:30 PM
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The Philadelphia Story

Grant, Hepburn and Stewart all together on one screen! This is truly one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. With its wonderfully witty script, spotless direction from the great George Cukor, and crisp performances from the all-star cast, it’s no wonder this film is an undisputed classic. Great fun; a must see!
Sun, Nov 14 7:00 PM
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The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon is a classic film noir starring Humphrey Bogart as private investigator Sam Spade, with Mary Astor as his femme fatale. Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet and Gladys George round out the incredible cast. Three of the prop falcon statuettes still exist and are valued at over $1 million each -- far more than the $300k it cost to make the film. Come savor this iconic masterpiece on the big screen.
Sat, Nov 20 2:30 PM7:00 PM
Sun, Nov 21 7:00 PM
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Vaudeville on Film

Back by popular demand, an incredible afternoon featuring Vitaphone Variety Film Shorts of the 1920s and live musical whoopee from Janet Klein. In many cases these rare films give us the only possible glimpse at the world’s most treasured vaudeville acts -- bands, novelty dancers and comedians. We’re thrilled to welcome back our favorite ukulele chanteuse Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys for this lively trip to the past, with the added inspiration of Randy Woltz on the Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ.
Sun, Nov 21 2:30 PM
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